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What is H & F?

The newest internet based magazine of both Historical  Fiction & Historical Nonfiction.   H & F also publishes reviews of historical works.    H & F  was founded with the idea of publishing Historical Fiction & Historical Nonfiction in long-form.  The maximum length of the pieces that we publish  is 25,000 words.    


Writers Guidelines

 If you want to write for the Magazine of History & Fiction, please send email submissions to  crectorAThistoryandfictionDOTcom , with a maximum length of 25,000  words. The same length requirement applies to both fiction and nonfiction submissions.   When submitting, please include a biography of up to 100 words and include links to your web pages, if you have any and put it right after The End of the submission.  Please do not send any queries, just send in the submission.  H & F is open to reprints as long as they are identified as such by the submitter with the information where it was originally published.   H & F is open to multiple submissions as long as they are identified as such.  You may also have a  piece published at H & F and at another venue simultaneously.  Novel excerpts are fine if they read like self-contained stories.  No poetry or artwork, please.  Please put your submission into your email and do not send it in in the form of an attachment.  There is no payment other than the exposure that you will get as a writer. Of course, Letters of Comment are always welcome. Material not written or produced by the Editor is printed by permission of the various writers and artists and is copyright by them and remains their sole property and reverts to them after publication.   H & F does reserve the right to publish your submission and also to maintain it in our archive.


About the Editor

Charles Rector was a 1987 Honors Graduate in History/Political Science at Arkansas Tech University.  While at ATU, he was also a member of the staff of the school literary magazine, Nebo, reaching the position of Associate Editor.  During the years 1987-1995, he was a graduate student in History at the University of Arkansas. There, he earned a Master of Arts degree in 1990 with a 199 page Master's Thesis entitled "The Arkansas Confederate Field Artillery During the American Civil War, 1861-1865."    Later, during 1997-2000, he was a graduate student in the Public History program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  While pursuing his education  he won a number of awards for his original historical research and writing.  He has since written for a wide variety of publications, mostly on the Internet including the Frontier Tales webzine.  Since 2014, he has also been editor  of the fanzine Fornax 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Publish Film Reviews?

Yes, H & F is interested in reviews of both historical  films and historical documentaries.  Minimum length is 400 words.

Do You Publish Book Reviews?

Yes, H & F  is interested in reviews of historical fiction books as well as historical nonfiction books and websites that publish original historical works of either fiction or nonfiction  online.  Minimum length is 400 words.

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