Other Historical Fiction Webzines

Rope & Wire


Rope & Wire

Rope & Wire is an Internet magazine of original Westerns that is also a full fledged community of Westerns fans.  It is dedicated to "promoting the West and those who write about it."

The Copperfield Review


The Copperfield Review

The only other active Internet magazine of original historical fiction spanning the whole of history from ancient times to more recent events.

Circa & Lacuna




Currently on hiatus, Circa was the Internet magazine of historical fiction that set the standard for fine writing in the historical fiction genre.   Lacuna was a blog-based Internet magazine of historical fiction that flourished during the years 2009-2013.     

Frontier Tales


Frontier Tales

Frontier Tales is a  monthly webzine specializing in the Western sub-genre of  historical fiction.  It specializes in action fiction.  

The Western Online


The Western Online

For many years  The Western Online was the Internet magazine that the standard for writing both fact and fiction about the Old West.  It has been on hiatus for the past three years and no word on if it will return to active publishing.

Mirror Dance

Mirror Dance is an online magazine of fantasy that has a strong interest in historical fantasy.

Mirror Dance

Mirror Dance is an online fiction magazine that has a strong interest in historical fantasy that is published  by former  Lacuna editor Megan Arkenberg.

Historical Fiction Related Websites

A Writer of History

A Writer of History

Mary K. Tod is an active author of historical fiction.  On this blog-based website, she conducts interviews with other authors and does surveys of the readers of historical fiction and offers both news and views related to historical fiction.



Duotrope is the closest thing on the Internet to either Writer's Digest or The Writer.   It carries listings to all sorts of places where you can get published as well as places that you can find great stuff to read,  They even list H & F!

Historical Romance Magazine

  At the moment, Historical Romance Magazine is a website without a magazine.  There is a sign-up form and the first 1,000 people who do sign up will receive a free copy in digital form of the premiere issue.   There is also a reader's survey for you to fill out.  In addition, you can sign up as a prospective book reviewer for HRM.   The purpose of the website is to gauge the extent of interest in a Historical Romance magazine.  If there is genuine interest, if not enthusiasm, then the magazine will turn into reality.  In other words, if you've long chafed at the lack of a professional magazine of historical fiction, here's your chance to help remedy that situation.

Western Fictioneers

The Western Fictioneers were originally founded in 2010 by Robert Randisi, James Reasoner and Frank Roderus to promote the traditional Western.  Every year, the WF's holds the annual Peacemaker Awards.    Of special interest to writers is the WF's regularly updated blog.

Western Writers of America

Western Writers of America

The Western Writers of America is the largest and best known organization of folks who specialize in the Western sub-genre.

Reading the Past

Reading the Past

Sarah Johnson's blog is a comprehensive source of both links to other Historical Fiction websites as well as News, Views and Reviews of the current Historical Fiction scene.

More Historical Fiction Related Websites

Magic of History

Magic of History  is a blog written by the mysterious "Mary Anne." It covers historical fiction on TV, in the movies, books and also on the Internet.  It also has a fair amount of writing about history itself.  

Pulp Spirit

Following the passing of Shelby Ivy in 2018, Pulp Spirit is no longer an active webzine and can now only be accessed via the Internet Wayback Machine.  When it was active, it carried a wide variety of pulp magazine type stories including a great many historical tales.

The Horror Zine

The Horror Zine is a online magazine that  publishes quite a bit of original fiction set in the past.  Ir carries a list of zines open to horror fiction.  Its editor has written historical horror novels set during the Middle Ages as well as during the Salem Witch Trials.

Historical Hussies

Historical Hussies  is a blog written by a group of authoresses of Historical Romance novels.  Here they display their genuine love of History by writing about such diverse topics as the societal rules for ladies in 19th Century Britain, water clocks, Roman clothing, black cats and Blackbeard the pirate.

Western Fiction Review

The Western Fiction Review is the premiere blog covering the world of the Western sub-genre.  Unfortunately, the reviews are all of novels, the blogger "Steve M" has not shown any interest in any of the webzines or any of the collections or anthologies of short Western fiction that are out there.  Unlike many book blogs, a fair number of the book reviews are about novels that were issued a long time ago and are out of print.  Sometimes there are interviews with Western authors or  cover artists.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Ancient History Encyclopedia is almost certainly the single best historical encyclopedia on the Internet.  It was  founded in 2009 by Jan van der Crabben  who  discovered just how poor the resources for ancient history were on the Internet.  Since its founding, its traffic has grown by leaps and bounds so that by 2017 it had nearly 20 Mil. unique visitors.  This website is written and edited by leading scholars.  This is in direct contrast the likes of Wikipedia where all sorts of nonsense gets published.  Also, unlike Wikipedia, valuable contributions cannot be erased or badly rewritten by ignorant amateurs acting on a whim.

Historical Fact Websites

History Refreshed

History Refreshed is a blog by historical fiction author Susan Higginbotham.   It is mainly abut the real-life persons and events that her novels are about.  Surprisingly little in it is about historical fiction apart from images of fictional issues of Cosmopolitan and equally fictional Dummies books.  Also surprising is the fact that this blog does not have a link to the author's previous blog,  Medieval Woman.

What's Next?

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, there has been far less Web activity in the historical fiction genre than any other genre except for romance fiction.  Considering that there are well over 200 science fiction Internet magazines as well as over 200 fanzines, this is a real problem that needs to be addressed by the fans of historical fiction.  Do you have what it takes to become an editor/publisher of original fiction? 

Thistles & Pirates

Thistles & Pirates is the website of Cindy Vallar, a Texas lass, who is an "author, editor & workshop presenter."  Vallar's main attraction is Pirates & Privateers which is a resource so vast that if it were her only endeavor, it alone would make Vallar one of the most important individuals on  what might be called the History Internet.  If you have any interest in pirates and/or privateers, this is a must-read place that is regularly updated.  There is also a free Pirates & Privateers E-Newsletter that you can sign up for.   Vallar's other major area of interest is Scotland.

Sword & Sorcery Magazine

Sword & Sorcery Magazine is a webzine that "specializes in pre-industrial fantasy stories."  Some of these stories could be characterized as being historical fiction or more to the point, historical fantasy.  Unlike most other webzines, this one comes out on a monthly basis.

Ancient Origins

Ancient Origins is what might be called a Popular Archaeology website.  It brings news and views concerning the latest in archaeological discoveries to public attention without getting all bogged down in academic jargon.  Its articles are written for easy comprehension  by people who have at least a high school education.  It is also unafraid to present perspectives by archaeologists and historical detectives who think outside the box as opposed to doing what most other archaeology websites do, that is, just present the view of the Archaeology Establishment.  By doing so, it performs a public service that very few other websites can match.  

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